Fishing Report 10-29-2014

dadjackCool fronts made a presence the past week windy and gusty at times anglers were able to manage as winds resided. The change was welcomed as change in the season is in the air.

Snook fishing has been persistent the past week and change is in the air. The cool fronts are starting to change the local waters. Docks, seawalls and mud bottom areas holding snook as water temperatures started to drop the past week. Early morning top water action provides explosive surface strikes using heedon spooks and spook jr. The key is work the baits in a slow walk the dog manner. Bigger fish are caught on top water plugs due to the amount of time the lure is in water and the ground you cover. Live baiting for snook along sea walls using finger mullet allows anglers to entice snook with out casting repeatedly. Live baits also worked near dock pilings entices snook to strike instantly, catching variety of snook as well. The back bays and canals are going to become the main grounds for the snook, deep holes will offer stellar action.

Tarpon fishing the past week was hit and miss due to the freshwater run off we had and the gusty winds of 25 knots did not help either. The back bays and canals are the playground for the tarpon right now early morning and late evening tarpon can be seen rolling on the surface offering shots with top water plugs, flies and DOA cals. The cooler water temperatures are great for the tarpon fishing as they drive further in the back country, were they school up. The past week live baits drifted with the tide or slow trolled offer the best action. The typical size of the tarpon has been 5 to 30 pounds.

Jacks have been on the attack, jacks crevells are in schools of 10 to 20 ambushing glass minnow schools and mullet pods. Jacks can be seen cruising the sea walls in search of there next meal. Top water plugs are a blast with the jacks and most importantly the kids love them as they make extreme drag screaming runs. If you like action jacks are your match. The jacks are averaging 2 to 20 pounds.

The grass flats are offering great trout and red fish action on incoming tide and the last of the out coming. Doa cal weedless best baits to get strikes. Depths from 2 to 4 feet offer the most consistent action. Top eater plugs entice trout to strike, working pots holes and grass flat edges.

Freshwater action lake Okeechobee has been stellar early morning and evening using flukes and soft plastics over grass beds and saw grass areas. Flipping and pitching another great tactic to hook a monster largemouth bass. Peacock bass are still active as water temperatures change. Targeting the peacock starts around 10 am when the sun is starting to come over head and water temperatures start to warm. The sight fishing for the peacock has been great fly fishing and live baiting for these beauties is addicting.

Well that is the fishing report for the past week, hope you all enjoyed. Remember you cant catch them from the couch, so get out there and get hooked up. Tight Lines! Capt. Craig Korczynski,, 561-644-4371


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