February 19, 2015 inshore fishing report

The past week has offered cool fronts and cool temperatures. With all this the fishing has continued to thrive as water temperatures drop. Back bays and canals have been the keys to success.

Snook are plentiful big fish along sea walls and docks. Low tide offers fantastic sight fishing for snook, live bait, artificial lures and fly all entice the linesiders to chew. Schooling fish are holding near drop offs and Grass flat edges, jigging doa 4 inch cal baits in glow and gold gets the drag screaming. Smaller snook are being caught near mangrove shorelines producing double digit numbers of catch for anglers.

The back bays and channels present anglers with plenty of silver king action. Tarpon are active sunrise and sunset, tarpon can be seen rolling on the surface. Live baits free lined or a top water plug entice to tarpon to strike. Average size of the acrobatic beauties ranges from 5 to 40 pounds.

Trout action has been firing in the palm beaches. Grass flats and deep holes produce trout from 2 to 6 pounds. Jigging doa shrimp in holographic and glow and gold, has been the bait of choice. Chumming with live baits gets the schoolie fish fired up and close to the boat, great for fly fishing action.

Jacks, “monster jacks” are cruising sea walls and docks in search bait. Top water plugs and live baits produce jacks up to 25 pounds, these brutes cause aches and pains, but its a blast. Multiple anglers can expect a Chinese fire drill once a school attacks anglers baits, running every direction possible. I consider this organized chaos.

Peacock bass fishing has slowed do to the cooler temperatures the past week. The peacock will feed but they are very sluggish during the fight. Live shiners had been the best way to hook up the past week.

Large mouth bass fishing on local lakes and lake Okeechobee has offered a great bite mid day when water temperatures start to rise. Jigging and trolling rattle traps has produced great results. Live shiners is another way to get the rod bent.

Well that is the fishing report for the past week, hope you all enjoyed. Remember you can’t catch them from the couch so get out there and get hooked up tight lines! Capt. Craig korczynski, phlatsinshorefishing.com, 5616444371


















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