2-10-15 fishing report

Tarpon fishing has been great in the ICW and inside the local inlets. The bigger tarpon are grouped up hanging near deep channel edges and drop offs. These tarpon are ranging in size from 10 to 40 pounds, they are picky at times best bet, fish the out going tides using live baits or doa shrimp and cal in glow and gold and pearl worked along the bottom produce great results. The smaller tarpon are in the back bays and canals taking plugs , jigs and live baits worked in there vicinity. The tarpon can be seen near the surface allowing anglers to pin point were the bait should be presented.

Snook fishing is on fire do to bait schools and strong tidal flow. Schools of snook can be found in potholes and around sand flats. Doa 4 inch cal rigged weedless and live baits will get your drag screaming. Be sure to stay quite when fishing shallow, snook spoke easily. Docks and sea walls allow anglers to sight fish snook, using doa cal and doa shrimp in glow and gold glitter and Arkansas glow. The snook are actively taking top water plugs in the shallow, last of outgoing tide working plug slowly near structure and pot holes for best results.

Grass flats are holding good numbers of jacks, bluefish trout and some drum. Popping corks with a doa shrimp work great. Live shrimp drifted or jig heads tipped with shrimp bounced off bottom trigger strikes as well. Depths to target are 3 to 5 feet looking for grass patches and sand holes.

Lake Okeechobee bass bite has been strong live shiners produces great numbers of fish ranging from 3 to 7 pounds. Saw grass edges and reed grass great areas to locate the large mouth bass. Doa airheads worked over the surface of thick grass gets the drag screaming, anglers can battle fish in thick brush to catch there next trophy fish.

Peacock bass are still active in local canals, water temperatures are dropping but the peacocks are hanging near deep drop offs and grass edges staying warm. Doa 2 inch shrimp on a fly rod produce results as well, live shiners soaked near sea walls and docks.

Well that is the fishing report for the past week hope you enjoyed. Remember you cant catch them from the couch, so get out there and get hooked up. Tight Lines! Capt. Craig Korczynski, PhlatsInshoreFishing.com, 561-644-4371





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